Become a Sponsor

What You'll Get
     Interested in becoming a sponsor? Here is a list of all the options you have. Send us a
to get the process started. Just interested in donating?

Place on List Page
     All sponsors are given a permanent spot on the page, free of charge.

Sidebar Module - $25
     You'll get your own little module above the site navigation on the right. This includes your
     logo, which links to your webpage. This module will last for 30 days, and we only allow
     one ad module at a time. Image must be square, at least 250x250px, and HD if shrunk to
     that size. Sample:

Individual Page - $25
     With this option, you'll also get your very own individual page on,
     including: the name of your business, product, or service; your logo; a description; and
     links of your choosing. Pairing this with the sidebar module makes the module a link to
     your page.

Episode Plugz - $25
     You'll get a five-minute ad with Sam & Matt on the next episode. You can choose to
     send us your own copy, or to have us write a little something about you. Sample

Placement on Next Flier - $25
     We like to distribute fliers advertising the podcast. You can get your own little corner on
     the next round of fliers. We'll let you know if the next round is 8.5"x11" or handbills.
     Samples at bottom:

Discount: Flier Placement
     If your business has a physical location, you will receive a $25 discount on your order in
     exchange for setting out fliers advertising the podcast for 30 days.

Discount: Web Ad
     If your business has a website, you will receive a $25 discount on your order in
     exchange for advertising the podcast on your homepage for 30 days.

What We'll Get
     Here are some of the major things we'll be able to purchase thanks to you, our sponsor.

New Web Host: $179
     This will improve the appearance of our site, as well as give us a better connection to
     iTunes and Stitcher. The price listed will give us a three-year account with the new web
     host. This single account will power multiple websites: The S&M Show, Prime On
and any future endeavors of ours.

     A piece of merch which our listeners have been wanting for years.

     Another piece of merch. Buttons 1.25" in diameter.

     Yet another piece of merch. Bumper stickers 2 78" square.

     To be distributed around our local area of Springfield, Missouri. Some size 8.5"x11",
     some handbills.

Annual URL Fee
     Gotta keep up that good ol'

Sam Cunningham and Matthew Slack reserve the right to copyedit your text for publication on and related items. If your business, product, or service ever comes under any manner of negative public scrutiny, Sam Cunningham and Matthew Slack reserve the right to send you a full refund and cancel any and all sponsorship deals in effect with you at the time.