S&M Segments

Here's a sample of the crap we'll waste your time with.

S&M Plugz
If you would like to help us fund future projects like live shows, better audio equipment, videos, and merch including T-shirts, buttons, and stickers, we will plug your band, event, business, or what have you. Check out the details to advertise with us. Here's a list of businesses who already have. Episodes

S&M Spotlights
We here at The S&M Show like to interview people. We've got questions, they've got answers. Episodes

Sex Toy Reviews
S&M's double entendre may draw in a certain crowd, and we wouldn't want to disappoint, would we? Here we find the strangest sex toys ever invented, and read some reviews. Episodes

Shit Sam Can't Understand
There are a lot of things in this world that piss Sam off. Here, the most vile of them all cultivate into one massive storm. Episodes

Talk Trilogy
Sam & Matt like to sit on their asses watching movies, often three at a time. What can we say, we like long-ass stories. Episodes

Top 5ive
Sam & Matt count down the very best things on Earth.  Episodes