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Prime On Demand
In the summer of 2009, Matt turned into a hard-core Transformers buff. During S&M Classic, he would sometimes unintentionally clog an episode with ramblin's 'bout robots. In need of an outlet for his thoughts regarding these time-travelling space robots, he launched Prime On Demand: Cybertronian Aural Sync Transmission, a podcast focusing on Transformers comics, cartoons, movies, music, video games, and novels.
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S&M Classic
In the years of 2010 and 2011, Sam & Matt recorded 42 glorious episodes of their podcast, The S&M Show. The boys then went on hiatus until 2013. Looking back on their work - no matter how proud they were of those 42 episodes - they realized that they could do so much better. So they decided to re-boot the series, dubbing their new podcast The New S&M Show.* The original series was then retronymed as S&M Classic.
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*Note: After getting back on its feet, The New S&M Show reverted to The S&M Show.