About the Show

     S&M stands for Sam & Matt. They’re a couple of boys from Springfield, Missouri - born and raised. Sam & Matt have been friends since their freshman year together at Central High School in 2006. They’re pretty geeky - their friendship was built on a mutual love for DC Comics and the world of graphic novels. They are also huge movie buffs - they love watching movies then critiquing them. Over the years, the two have found that when they get together, funny shit happens. Several times over, Sam has turned to Matt and said: “We need to have our own show.” So one day, Matt got down to business and figured out how to get a podcast up and running, and the two have been recording episodes ever since.

     The show has provided the Geeks with an outlet to share all their nerdy, bizarre, and inappropriate thoughts with the world, where they can shoot the shit and review just about any type of popular medium. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they cry, other times they just fight like an old married couple.

     In the years of 2010 and 2011, Sam & Matt recorded 42 glorious episodes of their podcast, The S&M Show. The boys then went on hiatus until 2013. Looking back on their work - no matter how proud they were of those 42 episodes - they realized that they could do so much better. So they decided to re-boot the series, dubbing their new podcast The New S&M Show.* The original series was then retronymed as S&M Classic.

     So please subscribe, pull up an episode, and listen free of hassle or charge and enjoy
The New S&M Show.*

Small warning: These guys are potty mouths, so if that’s not your thing, fair enough.

*Note: After getting back on its feet, The New S&M Show reverted to The S&M Show.