About the Geeks

Sam Cunningham
Sam is the stud of the two. Also, he is taller. He’s been known to be a stingingly harsh cynic with a penchant for brutal honesty, and at other times he can display a gentlemanly and warm disposition. He attends Missouri State University and majors in Digital Film Production. His aspiration is to become a filmmaker, but he also enjoys just about any other type of creative art form. He enjoys sex on the first date and one of his biggest pet peeves is the Subway Corporation.

Matt Slack
Matt is the more rugged of the two, often taking matters into his own hands, no matter how hazardous the territory beyond proves to be. He has been known to take on thugs in alleyways and hush babies in theatres and restaurants. His future aspirations involve writing and producing various forms of creative art, preferably graphic novels. He has a love affair with Transformers, and one of his biggest pet peeves is shitty movies. He shares an apartment with his lovely girlfriend Lex.