Sunday, April 10, 2016

Episode 16 Part 1: Fanboy Nutsack

One of the Geeks reveals a surprising new life event in the works, they squabble about the principles of "binge-watching" while going on tangents, then discuss Deadpool. Hold on though, this episode isn't over yet! Look forward to part 2 soon!

Featuring Walk It Off by Torche from their album Harmonicraft, Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton, Shoop by Salt and Peppa, X Gon' Give It To Ya by DMX, and Angel of the Morning by Merrilee Rush and the Turnabouts.


  1. I contemplated this comment while listening to the 90s band Sugar Ray. That's not too cool, but it's the truth. It's especially odd and out of character for me because I had this friend once when I was a kid who liked Sugar Ray and I mocked him for it. He told me that Sugar Ray was his favorite band and he had all of their CDs. I told the kid that he was a faggot. He looked like the teenaged Bam Bam from those old Flintstones cartoons. This kid was also into Neopets, way into Neopets. He tried to hock Neopets to me like it was ecstasy. Years later, I was reading the news on the KY3 app and I saw this guy's picture. It turns out that he's now in prison. That means I still get the last laugh.

    Congratulations, Matt. I would be wary though, of the fact that children are a conspiracy of the unborn hatched against the living.

    I was in love once, and I personally didn't care for it. This one time I got really drunk. I blacked out and told everyone with me at the bar that they were liars and they could all go fuck off. I remember going to the bathroom and getting sick though. I remember looking down and thinking about how much this sucked and I overdid it. That's what love is to me. I see couples doing shit in public and it weirds me out. I think they're acting like goofy assholes. Then, the next thing you know, I catch myself doing the same sorts of things. As I am doing them, I think to myself that I'm acting like a stupid asshole and I hate it. I think about how depressed I will be when it's over. Breakups are like the hangover of love. Love makes everything seem better and that is wrong to me. Life isn't right unless it's some cosmic horror story or screwball comedy where you're the butt of every single joke.

    Most of the people I interact with are either middle managers or artistic types. As you can imagine, that means I have a lot contact with alcoholics. I mention this because I see a lot of overlap between alcoholism and long term relationships. It always starts out fun, like a never ending party. Then one day, it isn't, it doesn't work anymore. Slowly it cuts you off from your friends, your job, your family, and all the things you once cared about in your life. It's a damn shame.

    I feel like the problem of a woman expecting a man to both surprise her with the engagement and let her pick the ring is the typical woman problem. That she expects to have it both ways. It's like women in a relationship setting become Schrödinger's Cat. I like the analogy because it means I could tell a chick that she rocks my world like Schrödinger's Cat and she'd think I was complementing her. Instead of course, it would be a stealth insult.

    Every woman I've ever been with has accused me of being condescending. I could head this off with stealth insults like that one. The only problem is that I would mess it up. The next time the woman in question accused me of being condescending, I'd probably just say, “You likely think that because you're too stupid to realize I'm insulting you all the time. Schrödinger's Cat is a straightforward reference to your fickleness. You probably think it makes you some kind of God, which incidentally is a concept as ridiculous as your exaggerated sense of self esteem and self worth.”

  2. This is my problem. Three things always get between me and the things I love. Sometimes one of them, sometimes a mixture. The first is that I'm an asshole. The second is that I tend to also hold the things I love in contempt. And the third is that they just aren't available. It's just like Toonami.

    Toonami has been on the air fifteen out of the twenty six years I've been alive. It's been on every day of the week. You'd think at some point my schedule would work out where I would be able to watch it, but that's never happened. Most recently I got Sling TV primarily to watch Toonami. Most of the time though, my schedule still doesn't work out.

    Getting Sling reminded me of how much I hate live TV. I wish Sling had a DVR function. I also see your point of not wanting to wait months for new seasons of TV shows to start. It annoys me that I have to wait for the Flash and even more that they seem to go on hiatus every other week. I also read a lot of Webcomics and I do loose track of the story sometimes due to it only being a page at a time. There's this really cool comic about Cthulhu as a noir detective that I enjoy, but I've completely lost track of what's going on.

    All that being said, I don't binge watch though. I find it easier to keep track of episodes of shows than pages of Webcomics, and I like having the time to digest what's happened in an episode. I also like how it preserves cliffhangers, but not for months or weeks on end. I usually watch a completed series all the way through with an episode each week. If it is a long runner like Deep Space Nine, sometimes I take a break after completing an entire season. I watch several shows at once and do just an episode of them each week.

    I find I have the opposite experience in remembering what happens. Watching it all at once makes me lose track of the standout episodes. Like Cowboy Bebop and Venture Brothers, it seems like I missed a few really good episodes the first time out. On the other hand, I binged Yu Yu Hakusho and managed to overlook the fact that in one episode a villain threatens the protagonist then tells him, “I will show you my strength by smashing these building beams.” Then he does it. This happens almost exactly as I described it. I also feel a bit like Matt in that I consider myself too busy to binge. If I spend an entire day just watching TV I feel like it's a day wasted.

    I only binge on stuff when I go on vacation. I try to revisit series I enjoyed in the past. Even then, I play Pokemon the entire time to keep myself from getting bored.

    The thing I like about Netflix though is that it lets us all choose how we want to consume content. Everyone else can binge and I can enjoy Daredevil at my snail's pace. We truly are spoiled and living in a good time in that respect.