Thursday, March 31, 2016

Episode 15: 2016 Movie Preview

In this, yet another out-of-date episode (recorded in February), Sam & Matt briefly discuss 2015's releases pre-Oscars, the passings of Bowie and Rickman, then go on to discuss the many exciting flicks on the menu for 2016. Only about half of them have already come out...

This episode features the song Zecharia by local rock group With-A-T in its intro. Please check out their EP and follow them on Facebook!

Chronicles Of The Wasteland / Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Le Matos © Simone Records


  1. I agree with you Sam, Michael Shannon is awesome. I've decided this upon watching episodes of Boardwalk Empire. I also agree that I don't have a problem with any of the actors in Batman v Superman, just with Zach Snyder. From Rick Snyder to Zach Snyder, Ted Cruz to Donald Trump, this seems to be a watershed moment for the incompetent, where, after years of railing against intellectualism, they have seized power at long last.

    I always quoted Matt's statement on a previous podcast when describing to people why I didn't want to see Batman v Superman: not even Gene Hackman would be good in a movie if he was being directed by Zach Snyder. While on the subject is DC villains, I would like to add that I don't like the new Joker. Not because of Jared Leto, but just because of his appearance. It looks stupid with all the tattoos. That being said, I refuse to watch Suicide Squad. I still haven't seen Man of Steel and I refuse to watch Batman v Superman. I'm not giving those greedy fuckers a single cent of my hard earned cash.

    I'm also close to disavowing Batman entirely, because I disagree with the vast majority of creative decisions made to the character as of late. I just think Batman has become a caricature of itself and that the writers have removed all nuance and intelligence from Batman. He's just turned into a straight up fascist. From what I understand Batman v Superman takes this to it's logical extreme. The thing people tend to forget about Watchmen or V for Vendetta is that it made Fascists seem sympathetic. Zach Snyder's vision seems to be, “Well life just sucks, so Fascism is ok.” It takes a special person to make me feel bad for Mussolini for being misunderstood. The same thing with Nihilism, Zach Snyder understands Nihilism the same way it is understood by a pretentious and suicidal fifteen year old girl.

    While talking about Batman, I will say that the good thing about Tom Hardy's Bane is that you never see his mouth. You could always just redub his lines. Personally I think they should redub them using a Randy Savage voice. In fact, when the DC Universe crashes and burns, I think that Warner Brothers should just start releasing special editions of The Dark Knight Trilogy instead of doing another reboot. This time, they go the George Lucas route. They should get Zach Snyder to do the re-mastering, too. A Dark Knight in the color palette of Batman V Superman plastered with CG is the Batman movie we deserve.

  2. I am also Team Cap, and I hate Iron Man. I hate Iron Man specifically because of the Civil War comic. I hate Civil War partly because it has the Batman v Superman problem: these heroes don't need to be fighting. It's stupid. Here I'm talking about the comic. The upcoming movie does look good, and at least they actually set up the conflict between Iron Man and Cap. I like Captain America.

    To me, Iron Man is just what Donald Trump would be if he had a super suit. Tony Stark has Stark Tower, he likes to plaster his name all over everything, and that's about his only skill set. Stark doesn't do anything except boast about himself and create problems with his failed projects, yet everyone loves him. The man is Donald Trump. The tragic thing is that Tony Stark is the perfect superhero to match our current zeitgeist. He represents all the worst aspects of our generation and our society.

    There is a positive to Trump, though. He wouldn't stand for that fake bear shit in The Revenant. Donald Trump is turning this country back one hundred years, and when that happens, all those pesky regulations are going out the window. You're going to see real men bare knuckle boxing live bears in the streets once again, my friends. Donald Trump is going to take back the testicles of white men from women, blacks, and illegal immigrants and return them to their owners. Once this happens, you'll see all kinds of amazing stunts and practical effects in movies that you never even dreamed of.

    The great thing is, every film will be a small independent one, because after Trump beats back Daesh, China, illegal immigrants, NATO, blacks, NAFTA , Megyn Kelly, and the handicapped, Hollywood liberals are next.

    I am sort of looking forward to Civil War, and I am really looking forward to Rogue One. Even though I thought Episode VII was just ok, I am still planning to see all the Star Wars films in theaters. It's almost more enjoyable for me to dislike the film and spend many weeks afterward criticizing it.