Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ghost Echo Episode Excerpt 1: Parten the Echo

In this very echoey bonus episode, the Geeks talk to Michael Parten, the local guitarist for Strangefellas and bassist for Introvert Party. If you dig him, like their pages on Facebook and grab their songs on Bandcamp:

Strangefellas (FB | BC)
Introvert Party (FB | BC)

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  1. The presence of the echo was much less obnoxious than I figured it would be. Normally stuff like that drives me insane.

    I have heard from other sources that living in Lebanon is rough. I had a buddy once and he used to drive around in a fighter plane and drop bombs on Lebanon. To add insult to injury he would have five year old kids draw obscene images and text onto the incendiaries before loading them into his plane. Occasionally he would compensate for the bombing by dropping a pallet of food onto a nursing home to reduce healthcare costs.

    I'm not friends with that guy anymore though. He got deported after bombing a pig farm.

    I also find it interesting that you used the words Ghost Echo as a title for this episode. I had a dream once that the CIA was carrying out a psyops operation on the American public. That operation was christened as Operation Ghost Echo.

    Waking up from this dream and knowing I had to be at work in two hours, I decided to calm my nerves by downing a few shots of vodka and eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I turned on my television only to find that my regular programming had been replaced by a series of gray dots constantly changing in intensity. The sound of the channel was also one which sounded like cicadas with miniature chainsaws.

    That's when I realized the CIA psyops program was real. Given that my original comment on this podcast was somehow deleted, I have to assume your podcast is a part of this operation. I'm onto you.

    I also think that Ghost Echo would be a good title for a movie about Lebanon. Lebanon is controlled by the mafia, and the mafia has possession of a recipe for a seven layer lasagna which cures Ebola. It's up to the Strangefellas to melt off the mafia bosses' faces with the raging power of their guitars and secure the recipe.

    With the recipe secured, they sell it to the African nations. With their newfound wealth they decide to stop making music and instead start making music themed novelty hats to sell at retail chains around the world.