Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Episode 11: George Wheaton

"I'm not butt hurt... My butt hurts!"
"Looks like a sarlacc pit!"
 - Art by Jared George 
The Geeks have a long chat with local artist and illustrator of Stronghold, Ryan Wheaton, as well as returning guest Jared George!

Sam would like to remind everyone about Dead Dick Hammer vs. The Boogey Men, this Monday, September 29th.


  1. I don't know how you can hate Grant Morrison when he is responsible for the movie the Matrix. According to Morrison, the Matrix was ripped off his comic The Invisibles. I'm not sure about all that, but it is odd that the Matrix is the only movie the Wachowskis have actually directed that isn't an adaptation of a book or Anime series.

    You could say that Jupiter Ascending is original, except that I get a real Matrix vibe from it like it will be a rehash of the Matrix. Mila Kunis basically seems like a female Neo who stole Trinity's clothing. Interesting seeing as one of the Wachowskis swapped genders since this movie and that one. Also, one of the cast members describes the movie as Matrix meets Star Wars, so the Wachowskis might be at their old game again. They know they can get away with plagiarizing George Lucas because Lucas ripped off his entire career of others as well.

    I always cringe when people mention chicken and waffles. I had an old boss who made me do an end cap with Ego's waffles and Tyson chicken once because he ate chicken and waffles at a restaurant. I get worn out by end cap theming sometimes. I do it, hell, even as I typed that I was thinking about how if you put hot sauce on it we could have put a hot sauce buddy on the side of it. Still, I feel like we outsmart ourselves sometimes with theming end caps.

    What do you eat with a hot pocket that's also a frozen food? Should we just turn off the freezer and stick video games into it? Maybe some RAM? Mother's Day cards?

    I like the idea of the Tumbler. I like even better that they built a real Tumbler so that I can pretend that there's a chance I can own one. When I have this fantasy, I pretend like the Tumbler wouldn't break as I drove it around town crashing into various buildings and traffic signs.

    Jeff Dunham owns the Tim Burton bat mobile and every time I think about that, it pisses me off. I hate the fact that someone like Jeff Dunham has a bat mobile. If I ever came into money, that's probably what I would buy with it. I don't even drive, but I would have a scale replica built of Gotham around my mansion if I ever got rich. Then I would ride around it in my bat mobile and use the bat guns to fire at squatters.

    Also, I find it difficult to wade back into The Dark Knight Rises, especially because I feel I was a douche the last time. Still, I'll weigh in on the gun thing: Batman should just kill people. The no kill rule is just editorial bullshit tacked on because comics were corrupting kids and when Batman did kill people it was disturbing.

    It seems like an arbitrary rule. It's even more arbitrary when you think about how half of his villains are committing capital offenses. These are things for which people get executed for. How many times does the Joker have to escape before someone just puts a bullet in him?

  2. I don't think Batman should be a serial killer. He shouldn't go all Indiana Jones on everyone's asses, but in some situations he should kill his foes. Ra's al Ghul and Bane were killed in their movies because that was logical given the story. I also read a Batman comic where a third character kills another one who is about to kill Batman. Just have Batman do it because he's the protagonist and he's supposed to drive the story.

    That, or have him defeat them with nonlethal means.

    Most people would say killing is justified when it is to prevent the death of another human being, so just let him do it. There isn't any pretense anymore that these comics are for kids, so ditch the black and white morality. It would make for a much greater conflict about if Batman had crossed the line if he had to ponder whether or not lethal force was necessary in a given situation.

    The way I think towards all violence is kind of the Jewish way. I like Judaism for some of their philosophy. The main idea is that one has a moral obligation to use every other available option before resorting to violence. Also a better translation of the commandment not to kill is “Thou shalt not murder.” I think there are exceptions for extreme situations which is what these comics are all about.

    I must say. I never knew we had local comics creators in Springfield either. Other than kids at school who annoyed me because they didn't seem to be doing it for the right reasons, or weren't taking it seriously. I don't know about anyone else, but part of my problem with discovering local anything is because I'm introverted and shy and would rather not go to bars or whatever. I don't like crowded public places.

    Don't get me wrong, I like getting drunk and reading comics. Just in my own home.

    Also, I completely relate to the writer's thing. It sucks having to ask other people to make your stuff for you. The whole reason I came to Webcomics is because we failed so miserably to make our first comic as a show. We recorded tons of audio, but never got all the actors to commit. We talked to animators but never got them to animate. We even tried Youtube videos, that went nowhere. Rick failed in part because I couldn't get along with my artist.

    It's nice to have a smaller crew and more freedom.