Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Episode 10: The Summer of Sam

The Geeks record for the first time in three months. Sam describes his three months of gross butt hurt; they get heavy for a bit while discussing the current behavior of police officers reflected in Ferguson, Missouri; and finally lighten up when they start talking about comics again. 

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  1. Sam, that sucks about your cyst. That's terrible and I'm sorry your summer sucked. I hope your recovery continues to go well.

    I think we all know what's wrong with Joseph Gordon-Levitt: he's an alien. He told us this from his very first appearance and eventually he will reveal his true form then take over the entire planet.

    Also Sam, I find great irony in that your social studies teacher got you in trouble for exercising your right of free speech. You should have just told your teacher that you are an American citizen and that you weren't writing an apology. You should have said that the supreme court case Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District established that students do not waive their right of free speech when they are at school.

    I was once asked to write a similar apology and instead wrote a page about how I did nothing to warrant apologizing. The teacher accepted my argument that I did nothing wrong but nonetheless forced me to write another note apologizing that I did not follow direction(what I was supposed to be apologizing for in the first note) due to circumstances beyond my control. It still pisses me off to this day.

    When Ferguson first happened, a conservative friend of mine asked my thoughts on it. He likes to troll me because he gets a rise out of it when I get pissed off and make a scene in the break room. I like to troll him by making statements that are the most straw man narrow liberal things I can think of.

    I told him I fully supported looting and killing cops. I also said I wanted to paint a giant Guy Fawkes mask on my chest and then go to Ferguson myself. I'd get a big red foam AK-47 and wave it around while cheering the rioters on and drinking several cases of beer.

    I also find it interesting that Sam said that Ferguson is like a war zone in response to Matt talking about the cops threatening protesters. Under the international law, reporters are neutral observers and are not to be harmed. They are much like medics in that regard. It's funny that people get pissed when Russians hassle reporters but not when their own police officers do it. That's pretty much my major beef with American society right now.

    I also find it telling that the police officers don't want to be filmed. If someone was accused of committing a crime and just before doing so asked someone to stop filming them, how would that play out in front of a judge? I know a few cops and I can imagine what they would assume if someone did not want to be filmed do something.

    In all seriousness, while I oppose completely violence as a political tactic, I feel it to be our patriotic duty to question any person in authority. Yes, police officers are people. Yes, they make mistakes, but we also know that power corrupts. If someone is exposed to a corrupting influence, we need to keep an eye on them.

    In the editorial you mentioned with the police officer who told people to just do as they are told, he said something interesting to me. The officer said he worked in internal affairs and in most cases of police brutality the cop is in the right. I believe this man, I do. The thing that is glaring to me is that he only says that in the majority of cases the cop is right, nothing more.

    What is that? 51%? Is it just a little better than a coin toss you'll get your ass beat for no reason? Is it 66%? Maybe it's just one in three. That would make it so that a clear majority of cops are in the right. Even if that meant you got stopped three times in a year, one time you'd be maced in the face. Maybe it is one in five. So, 20%? Even if that was the case, for a topic like police brutality, one in five is a huge number. The margin of acceptable abuse by law enforcement should be very small. Infinitesimal. Even if only one in ten police officers are crooked, that's still far too many.

  2. Unfortunately, we don't have those numbers, police won't allow them to be published. Police spend too much time protecting their own. They feel attacked. They feel like their profession is being shit on. I know the feeling. I'm sure even most “bad cops” think they are doing good, they just have an authoritarian attitude. Police need to be less sensitive and open up about these numbers. It is important for the public to be able to trust it's law enforcement.

    Another problem I have with this whole situation is that the police have a greater share of responsibility in this case. Yes, looting is unequivocally wrong. Still, the protesters have less power. They don't have the training and public trust police do. Police have the greater amount of authority, it is them who shoulder the burden for being calm. Not the public. It's easy to gripe at someone for not being calm when you have a gun pointed at them. Let's see what would happen if the roles were reversed. We could give the cops a plastic bottle to throw and see if they feel like someone has a right to shoot tear gas in their face. If you have the right to use lethal force on another human being, you have the great responsibility of using restraint.

    I think we need to stop making excuses about how our cops and politicians are human. They are, but in these types of jobs we need to hold people to a higher standard. It's like when Barack Obama made excuses for the CIA for using torture. Yeah, post 9/11 was frightening and there was a lot of stress. That's why we select people who are in theory resistant to those things to make decisions in difficult times.

    That's the whole concept behind a Republic. Democracy is glorified mob rule the theory goes. Instead of that we chose the best and brightest and they carry out the will of the people. These jobs require a clear head and we must demand that of people who are in them. That is what they are paid for.

    If you can't keep your gun in your pants, if power is highly corrosive to you, and if you can't keep your head about you in an emergency, don't run for congress or be a cop. Just be a middle manager at a gas station instead. What they are basically saying to me is that murder and torture, two of the most heinous crimes, well, those can all be excused if just only love your job and are under a lot of pressure.

    I like the Timmverse a lot.

    I agree about the Batman continuity thing. I wish they would leave it alone. As painful as it is to say, I almost wish they would end Batman and make a new character. That's basically what they do when they reboot the continuity. There have been four or five separate Batmans. Franchises bother me because every good story needs an ending. At least Nolan tried to do this with his movies.

    I do support killing Damien Wayne though, just because I think Batman should be as tortured as possible. I don't know, on the other hand, I can see not wanting Batman to be so dark. There comes a time when the darkness is just a gimmick. If it doesn't serve the story or make narrative sense, it just comes across hollow. I feel like torturing Bruce Wayne to level increases his character's motivation and gives him a challenge though.

    I also have to confess I like the Adam West Batman. I don't like it the same way I like The Dark Knight, but I like it on it's own terms. It's funny and well done for what it is.

    That about wraps up my rant.