Monday, August 18, 2014

Episode 9: AC/DC hasn't given up on you... Actually, DC might have...

In this LONG OVERDUE episode, the Geeks bash those damn hipsters, gush over AC/DC, and don't understand the non-believers in Shit Sam Can't Understand; Matt has a thought; then they bitch and moan about DC Comics' oddball choices on screen. 

NOTE: This episode was recorded roughly 3 months ago. The gap will be explained in detail soon.  

Ride the Sky by Lucifer's Friend © Billingsgate


  1. I must say, this episode caught me by surprise. I figured you guys would have done a Robin Williams tribute episode. Said episode would have featured a group of Robin Williams fans journeying to depths of hell to save Williams' soul. They would have Cuba Gooding Jr. as a guide.

    I don't know much about ACDC. I do like what I've heard though, and I generally disregard it any time someone rips on a band for all their music sounding the same. That just means someone is trying to be a music snob without knowing what they are talking about. It's token criticism. I don't understand the ACDC hatred.

    I'm glad to hear that the Beatles are finally getting what they deserve though. Fuck them. I never cared for the Beatles and it's good to see the world embrace my vast wisdom for once. Don't get me wrong, I know the Beatles are talented. I just don't like the genre they helped codify. They're pop music through and through. Pop is like a cancer upon society.

    I think I would like the Beatles more if Ozzy Osbourne was their lead singer. If John Lennon was kicked out of the band for being a know it all wannabe philosopher douchebag, and Ozzy took his place. That would make the Beatles better.

    Then Ringo Starr would quit and be replaced with Bill Ward. Following that, Harrison would quit and Geezer Butler would join. Finally Paul McCartney would quit and then Tony Iommi would join. What I'm saying is that the Beatles would be better if they were just Black Sabbath.

    They would still have strong ties to the counter culture and many songs reflecting the hippie movement. You wouldn't notice it near as much though, because Black Sabbath is a band and not a brand. Black Sabbath represents the part of the counter culture movement that didn't sell out to corporations and ruin the hippie movement.

  2. I must say, Sam bringing up the word Emo stirred up a passion in me. I wrote a long ass rant about how much I hate that label. I opted not to post it here because it is mostly an angry rant and makes me sound even more like a lunatic.

    I guess it's not so much labeling the subculture I despise so much as that for a few years in the last decade you couldn't expose a modicum of emotion without being labeled as Emo. I feel like the human species has a habit of taking philosophies which criticize behavior which is counterproductive and self destructive and then simplifying it. After simplification, the label just become a way to criticize mild irritation or worse, just to shut someone down when they are trying to air a legitimate grievance.

    I came up with a Geek Force plot criticizing the emo label once. It involves Geek Force going to a gaming convention. On the way there, they see a man standing with his family by train tracks. The train goes by and hits every member of the family except the man. The man cries. Then a horde of teenaged girls with one male descends upon the man chanting emo at him.

    During the whole rest of the episode any time there is a serious conversation, this group would interrupt and chant emo. It was also an idea for this episode to have Geek Force stay in the hotel room next to Billy Mays and learn this by overhearing him have sex. The episode would end with the boy in the emo pack meeting his idol, a hyper masculine superhero. The superhero hits him in the groin with a wrench and the boy begins to cry. The superhero says to the boy, “Now you're emo.” and then walks off.

    I did an episode based on this concept, but I dropped most of the above. Now it's about a conference to discuss the creation of a superhero league and flashes back to a superhero fighting aspiring despot General Jeduthan Gevurah. Those things are only mild spoilers for the pending Geek Force reboot, which doesn't matter anyway because I'll probably be in my mid fifties before I finally release it.

    I think there should be a Justice League show set in high school where each Justice League member is some high school stereotype.

    Superman would be a hipster. Wonder Woman would be a prep. Aquaman would be the poor kid who smells like fish. The Flash would be a jock. Batman would be emo, and the Joker would be a goth kid. Batman hates the Joker because Goths are irrelevant now, it's all emo kids. Joker criticizes this as conformist. Lex Luthor is the student council president. Commissioner Gordan is the principal at this school, trying to keep all these crazy kids in line.

    Also, instead of a football team, this school has a Green Lantern Corps. There are multiple Green Lanterns in the show. John Stewart is the kid who is a thug and is always cutting class. When Stewart isn't cutting class, he's doing cocaine in the corner. Hal Jordan befriends Stewart and turns his life around. Jordan teaches Stewart that he can't just keep blaming the government for all his problems. He teaches Stewart self responsibility and introduces him to Mozart to replace all of Stewart's hip hop music.

    Jordan also encourages Stewart to join the military and not to think of it as his only shot of going to college. Jordan tells Stewart to think of it that Stewart is being paid to go on an exotic vacation and to have the fun of serving his country.

  3. Batman has a band in the show which he invites Superman to listen to as Superman listen to as Superman writes for the school paper. Superman mistakingly believes Batman's band is an ACDC cover band and writes his review accordingly. This infuriates Batman as Batman is convinced his ideas are 100% original and brilliant.

    Being scorned by Superman causes Batman to team up with Lex Luthor to kick Superman's ass. Eventually Batman relents and together Superman and Batman create a new band, the Justice League band.

    The Band features Superman on lead guitars, Wonder Woman as lead singer, Aquaman on rhythm guitar, John Stewart on bass, the Flash on drums, and Batman playing the turntable.

    Batman takes his turntable playing very seriously and tells everyone he is the most important member of the band.

    The supporting character thing. I think people like supporting characters because the relation they have to the protagonist reminds us of people with whom we have that relationship in real life. The mentor, the ace, or the cool friend. Sometimes we have a harder time relating to these people as ourselves than we do relating them to our actual mentors. Being able to relate to a character is the chief function of a protagonist, so these characters have trouble carrying their own stories.

    We relate to a mentor giving advice from the prospective of receiving the advice, but not as someone who holds and dispenses that knowledge. It can and is done, but a lot of writers seem to struggle with making a highly competent character like that relatable. Even Sherlock Holmes, written well, has to have Watson as the audience surrogate.

    An extra long rant for an extra long episode.