Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Episode 7: Talk RoboCop

The Geeks Talk Trilogy... RoboCop Trilogy.

Sam apologizes for the extremely late publication of this episode due to school and sickness. And a special thanks to everyone who came out to our live event: Destroy All Rock Bands! Follow us on Facebook to find out when and where our future events will be.

This episode features the song Trinity by MUZZLE.

1 comment:

  1. You guys mention that Robocop is supposed to be set in the future.

    Boy, I wish someone would have told me that before I took a homeless guy and tried to make him into a Robocop using spare parts in my garage. I thought it would be all cool and I'd have all sorts of wacky adventures with my robocop. That is not how it turned out.

    The robocop experiment is also what got me kicked out of school. You see, making a robocop was also what I chose to do as project for my science class. The project was about plate tectonics. I knew I had bungled the assignment, but I thought I could at least get a D. I worked hard on that robocop.

    That's not what happened because my teacher is a bitch and called the police. I had that homeless guy sign a release form and a bologna sandwich. It turns out that doesn't give you license to cut a guy up and attach metal to him.

    I was under the impression that our technology was much more advanced than it actually is. I blame the Jetsons. I thought that show an animated sitcom, because that's just how they do it in France. I figured we jusr abandoned the flying cars and raised houses because of Al Qaeda or something.

    I guess people don't hate Bush because he got rid of flying cars? It's because he posted some funny pictures he mocked up while touring prisons overseas or something? I guess the president can't make a little joke to mock his prisoners by showing them how bad things could be?

    I had also thought robots were some weird European thing. European labor laws are so strict that people only work an hour a day and get a five day weekend every week. They have to hire robots because the maid unions require it.

    Needless to say, I'd like to get into a car accident so I could replace my junk brain with a shiny new robocop processing unit.