Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Episode 3: Kurt Vonnegut's Superman

The Geeks discuss Sam's new favorite so-bad-it's-good cult movie sensation, Miami Connection; bitch about Zack Snyder some more; get sidetracked by their mutual intrigue for The Place Beyond the Pines; then Sam rants about the Robocop remake during a reprisal of Shit Sam Can't Understand, directly followed by a less-than-impressive look at Paco's Taco Stroker during Sex Toy Reviews.

Also check out The Itch. 

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1 comment:

  1. My first thought about the Paco's Taco Stroker is wondering how it compares to sex with an actual taco. I might have to spend my tax money buying a Paco's Taco Stroker and then paying another person to test it out along with various tacos.

    Trying it with various tacos would be vital. Sure, the Paco's Taco Stroker would beat out a Taco Supreme from Taco Bell, but what about Chipotle or Purple Burrito? Surely Mexican Villa could give it a run for it's money.

    Also, I have an idea on how to improve Man of Steel as a movie I've never seen, and also on how to make the Justice League awesome. I will post this as a separate thing as I have a ton of ideas. This will be sometime in the next two weeks.

    While I'm not big on remakes, I'm glad you guys pointed out there are good ones. If a remake is done well, I can support it. They're definitely the 1% though, and Hollywood needs to stop treating movies like a brand or a product and just try to tell good stories.

    There are lots of remakes that actually start out as a spec script for an entirely original story, then they plaster a mainstream character onto it to make it sell. It's brand. That's all it is. They should just produce the originals. Personally, I also hope Stephen Spielberg is right and Blockbusters are about to collapse. I hate the idea of movies as a brand.

    I don't think movies or video games need to be multi-million dollar monstrosities. These days special effects can be done on the cheap, and it would be better for story telling to have lower budgeted movies which are less of a risk.

    Also, you're right, fuck origin stories. I'm also tired of stories as a biography of a character. You don't need to see Captain America use a toilet for the first time to understand him as a character or see him defeat Red Skull. Movies aren't actually about a character. They have a main character, and they tell you a lot about them, but stories are primarily about an incident involving characters.

    I listened to this episode while doing the "shooting" of Geek Force Issue 4. Virus's new introduction. Which is funny now that I think of it, because it's a reboot and the first couple of arcs have remakes of the comic. Although, the comic was shit, so I guess it's ok.

    Anyway, there's a villain named Rishian in it and it's the first proper fight scene. I'm pretty pumped.