Thursday, October 31, 2013

Episode 1: New Beginnings

In a Halloween-inspired episode, the Geeks discuss their return & the new direction for the show, chat about multimedia soundtracks, and emphasize the importance of a good opening scene; Matt shamelessly plugs Prime On Demand; Sam generously gushes over Lazerhawk and Dave Rapoza; and they cap things off with a very scary Top 5ive. 

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  1. I downloaded all the old episodes and have them on my hardrive. Going back over them, I see why you don't want them to be available for download anymore.

    That's because by using special audio software I've been able to isolate the voice of Satan in those episodes telling you to join the Jim Henson-Frank Oz, PBS government conspiracy. Now you're plugging Reading Rainbow? Last night, after listening to your show, I was sitting on my couch and heard my VCR saying to me, "Go to Wendy's, and get me a Frosty." I'm on to you.

    Also, The Dark Knight does possibly have the best PG-13 portrayal of Two Face. It's remarkable because there's so many of those. Chris Nolan took a tired, clichéd trope in Two Face and made it fresh again. Personally, I think I like the silent film version of Two Face the best. The one played by Lon Chaney. That was terrifying as shit.

    Also, this is what my top five list of transformations would be:

    5. Gregor Samsa from the Metamorphosis.

    4. Gerry Berler from Remember the Titans.

    3. Batman. Just Batman, any of them.

    2. Maira Von Trapp from the Sound of Music.

    1. Jesus, from the Bible. At the end, he transforms himself into worm food. He died so that the worms and maggots might be redeemed for their sins. He ushered forth an era of human abundance so that many humans might die and give food to worms and maggots. So that pests might wander about our homes and feast on our filth. Praise the lord.

    Also, I like the song It Wasn't Me by Shaggy. It's a song you can't really properly appreciate until you're a certain age and have some life experience. The music video is pretty dope.

    I want to redo the music video, only instead of Shaggy, it would have Morpheus, and instead of Rikrok, it would be Neo. At the beginning Neo is having a threesome with that guy who buys software from him at the beginning of the Matrix and that chick with the rabbit tattoo. Mostly the chick with the rabbit tattoo, as that one guy is too intimidated by Neo's massive cock and sexual prowess to get in the mood.

    In the middle of the act, Neo gets caught by his girlfriend, Mitzi Del Bra, which is Hugo Weaving's character from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, so Hugo Weaving spends the rest of the video trying to kill Neo with Guy Pearce and Terrance Stamp as Morpheus is talking to him on a cellphone telling him how to escape.

    Tank is in the video, too, and randomly gets replaced by Link. Then Link gets dry humped by a man in a polar bear suit and leaves in tears, prompting Tank to come back. At the end of the video, Trinity is the one who helps Neo escape by driving the 18 wheeler.

    I'm too lazy to ever make this happen, so I guess there will be nothing to distract from your Jim Henson-Frank Oz PBS government conspiracy.