Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Episode 0: Cold Opening

The Geeks return in a big bad way. Sam & Matt read some old film logs; discuss Black Swan, Insidious, The Killing Joke, Alien, Godzilla, indie horror, the use of color in film, and shitty alternate endings; ponder the zaniness of Alan Moore and Tim Burton; long for Hellboy III; and lament the loss of Walter Hartwell White. [Spoilers for Felina

Ozymandias written by Percy Bysshe Shelley read by Bryan Cranston and Breaking Bad Full Theme by Dave Porter © AMC Network Entertainment LLC | Baby Blue written by Pete Ham performed by Badfinger © Apple Records


  1. How dare you expect me to read the description for spoilers. I know what you were doing during your hiatus, you were getting initiated into the Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Big Government conspiracy to educate Americans.

    We don't need no education, we just need you out of our business. I like my flatbread sandwiches and I'm not going to let no EMA Agents or UN Peacekeepers take them away.

  2. Now Google is asking me if I'm a robot, and I failed once, what type of brainwashing is this?