Monday, October 14, 2013

An Open Letter: The Dark Podcast Returns

     Welcome, listeners, new and old. You all may have a few questions. I hope to answer those here.
     My name's Matt. I run this website and podcast with my mate Sam. In the years of 2010 and 2011, we recorded 42 glorious episodes of our podcast, The S&M Show. We then went on hiatus until 2013. Looking back on our work - no matter how proud we are of those 42 episodes - we realized that we can do so much better. So we've decided to re-boot the series, dubbing our new podcast The New S&M Show.* The original series has now

been retronymed as S&M Classic.
     Old listeners may be wondering where the hell we've been for two years. Well, the answer to that is complicated: a combination of work, school, and other commitments had kept us away from recording, and the old site deteriorated in quality. After a few false starts, we've finally gotten back in the podcast game.
     For those just joining us, a more detailed overview of the series can be found on the About page, in addition to bios for Sam and myself on the Geeks page. For long-time listeners wondering what happened to the old episodes - or if you're a new listener wondering what the old show was like - links can be found on the Other Podcasts page.
     We're back, SMarmies. And we're here to stay.

 - Matt Slack
    Co-Founder, Co-Producer, Co-Host, Bearer of the Matrix of Leadership, Webmaster | S&M Productions

*Note: After getting back on its feet, The New S&M Show reverted to The S&M Show.

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